Dry, white wine


100% Sauvignon

Hand harvested

Made in steel with no oak influences

Product Information:

The grapes are handpicked in September, cold alcohol-fermented in stainless tanks. This wine smells of pure summer delight, with an amazingly fruit-flavoured profile.

Wine Tasting:

Close your eyes, waft the glass to your nose, take a deep breath and with a little imagination, you will escape directly into a field of flowers. What makes Sauvignon unique from other white wines are its herbaceous flavours like bell pepper, jalapeño, gooseberry and grass. The primary fruit flavours of Sauvignon de Purcari are lime, green apple, passion fruit and white peach.

Recommended serving temperature: +12 °С

Wine Analytics:

Alcohol: 13,5%

Total acidity: 5,5 g/dm3

Volatile acidity: 0,46 g/dm3

Total SO2: 136 mg/dm3

Total sugars: 3,3 g/dm3

Vinohora Rară Neagră & Malbec

Dry, red wine – 2014

51% Rara Neagră,

49% Malbec

Vinohora in Rosu is the expression of local and international spirits harmony, reunited in a moldovan and argentinian vinous dance.

Unrepeatable character is transposed by combining the native variety Black Rare and classic Malbec from Argentina.

The flavor combines notes of dried fruits and vanilla, followed by emotional accents cherry, black plum and chocolate.

Alcohol: 14%

Wine Tasting

Aurel Grosu, who has a PhD in wine industry, Mr. Charismatic, that is studying Purcari wines for more than 40 years, will tell you everything and even more about each tasted wine: history, flavors, noses, post-tastes – a real school for sommeliers.

Moreover, you will play the role of an expert, judging the tasted wines according to several strict aspects. You will tell us your opinion about our wines, because it matters to us.

The wine-tasting is going to take place in one of the Purcari’s 2 rooms, which are specially equipped for the wine-tasting procedure and it will include wines of premium quality (from 3 to 10 wines) depending on the package you have chosen.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Aged dry, red wine


100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Hand harvested

Oaked in French barrels for 12 months

Product Information:

The king of red wines made from handpicked fruit in the vineyards of Château Purcari.

Wine Tasting:

This dry red wine shows aromas typical of Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of black currant and crushed box leaves, and a hint of smoky oak.

Recommended serving temperature: +16 °С

Wine analytics:

Alcohol: 13,5%

Total acidity: 5,4 g/dm3

Volatile acidity: 0,54 g/dm3

Total SO2: 143 mg/dm3

Total Sugars: 3,2 g/dm3


Dry red dessert wine

Origin and character of the soil:

Micro-region Purcari (South East of Moldova, 30 km from the Black Sea, next to the river Dniester);

Soil: black carbonate, heavy-loamy

100% Cabernet-Sauvignon

Grapes handpicked, temperature processing, alcoholic fermentation in wooden tanks, fermentation stopping by addition of natural wine alcohol, oak aging in French barrels, stabilization, bottling, bottle aging.

Wine Tasting:

The dessert wine Cahor is full-bodied, notable for its peculiar ruby colour and its rich and velvety mouth. It reveals a full flavour, with soft shades of chocolate, black currant and plums. The wine impresses with its long and complex aftertaste, which develops in time.

Alcohol: 16,0%


Perfect wine to share with various desserts, such as honeyed nuts, gateaux, cakes, coffee, fruit and ice cream.

Recommended serving temperature: +16ºС.



In the end of the twelfth century, the wine industry appears as the major economic occupation, being under the state protection in Valahia and Moldova. Later on, it is revealed that although these territories are favourable for vine growing, there are still many other regions, where is possible to produce a very special wine. Exactly one such place is the village Purcari, but in that period the vineyards were owned by the Monastery Afon-Zograf.


The history of Purcari begins in the eighteenth century, when the French settlers from have taken in lease the lands of Monastery Zograf, promising to maintain the vineyards in a good condition and to pay a specific sum from the gained profits. Being French, they have supposed that the terroir is a special one, like the famous Bordeaux region. Only several decades later it was confirmed that Purcari vineyards are definitely located at the same latitude as the famous wine region in France and the soil rich of rubidium gives an intense purple colour, specific to Bordeaux wines. The owners started to produce red wines, which in a short period of time attained the fame of some exceptional wines with an intense and complex bouquet.

Conferences and seminars

Château Purcari is has an appropriate environment not only for holidays, but also for conducting corporate events. Whether it is about business negotiations or conferences, we provide everything that is necessary for a successful and efficient event.

  • Two halls with a capacity of 60 and 120 people equipped with advanced sound and video gear, projector and free Wi-Fi
  • Trip for participants: visit to Purcari cellars, information about the production process and wine tasting

The peace, the quite atmosphere and the distance from the city allow the participants to focus entirely on the subject, which ensures efficient and promising results.

Negru de Purcari Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Aged dry, red wine


70% Cabernet Sauvignon

25% Saperavi

5% Rara Neagră

Hand harvested

Oaked in French barrels for 3 years

Product Information:

The grapes are handpicked in October, manually sorted, alcohol-fermented in wooden tanks, malolactic-fermented. This wine is a limited edition, made only in good vintages and only with the best-selected grapes.

Wine Tasting:

On the first nose there are sharp, mouth-watering notes of black fruits – black currant, sweet black cherry and black raspberry, with a noble odour of a slightly roasted French barrique towards the end. The wine has a long finish with a velvety, almost elegant, aftertaste, which fills your mouth and makes you desire one more sip, and then one more, until your glass is empty.

Recommended serving temperature: +18 °С

Wine Analytics:

Alcohol: 13,9%

Total acidity: 5,3 g/dm3

Volatile acidity: 0,59 g/dm3

Total SO2: 115 mg/dm3

Total sugars: 3,8 g/dm3